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President Rouhani: dangerous Zionist project, not Muslims and Arabs, the biggest enemy of Jews
Iranian President called on all Islamic countries to be united, and made seven suggestions for confronting the incorrect, unlawful decision of the President of the United States to move the embassy of the country to the city of Quds.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
President Rouhani: Trump's Quds decision shows U.S. not an honest mediator
Iranian President continued his criticism of Donald Trump's Quds decision on Twitter.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Palestine's Abbas says U.S. Quds decision 'greatest crime'
Mahmoud Abbas says Quds is and always will be the capital of Palestine.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Israeli business delegation to travel to Bahrain in next normalization step
The interfaith group's visit to Quds has sparked outrage among Palestinians and also back home in Bahrain.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Quds is capital of Palestine: Erdogan
Turkish President labelled Israel as a "terrorist state" and called for a strong reaction.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Turkey calls for recognition of East Quds as capital of Palestine
Turkish Foreign Minister says that The first Palestinian state must be recognised by all the other countries.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Islamic nations seek response to Trump's move on Al-Quds
The summit of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation is expected to be the strongest unified response yet to Washington's move by the Muslim world.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Iranian oil minister moves to forge new regional partnerships
At the recent OPEC meeting, Iran moved to protect its oil production and forge new regional partnerships.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
N Korea's Kim vows to turn country into world's strongest nuclear power
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said that he will turn his country into the "world's strongest nuclear power."

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Award-winning Palestinian cartoonist takes dig at Trump
As soon as US President Donald Trump recognized al-Quds as Israel’s capital on Dec. 6 and announced moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds, Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh started drawing caricatures on the subject, including one depicting Trump as Santa Claus offering a bag of gifts to an Israeli soldier that contains the crescent of a mosque and a church cross — a reference to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Iraq PM warns Isis might erupt again somewhere else
Three days after declaring victory over the Isis group, Iraq's prime minister warns that the group's extremists might "erupt again somewhere else" without international cooperation in combatting the militants.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Yemen: Diphtheria spreads as war and blockade leave health system in tatters
Hundreds of suspected cases of the disease not seen in Yemen in decades...

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Democrat wins U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, reducing Republicans majority to 51-49
Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama's election for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, scoring an upset victory in a deeply conservative state against a Republican candidate who was backed by President Donald Trump, U.S. media said.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Multiple earthquakes hit southeastern Iran: USGS
Iran’s southeastern province of Kerman was hit by multiple strong quakes on Tuesday and Wednesday, injuring at least 18 people and damaging some 20 houses, state media reported.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Rouhani: Quds will be capital of Palestine state
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Quds belongs to all Muslims and it will be the capital of Palestine.

[ - 13-12-2017 ]
Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 strikes in Iran: USGS
The quake hit at a depth of 57 km (35 miles).

[ - 12-12-2017 ]
Bombed into famine: how Saudi air campaign targets Yemen’s food supplies
Sources of food are a lifeline in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, but are being targeted by the Saudi-led coalition.

[ - 12-12-2017 ]
World leaders, high security at Paris climate summit
Some 3,100 security personnel are fanned out around Paris for Tuesday's event.

[ - 12-12-2017 ]
Did Saudi Arabia just try to give the West Bank to Israel?
The crown prince could be working to engineer a two-state solution that favors Israel.

[ - 12-12-2017 ]
More than 8 million Yemenis 'a step away from famine': UN
The continuing blockade of ports is limiting supplies of fuel, food and medicines; dramatically increasing the number of vulnerable people who need help.

[ - 12-12-2017 ]